Monday, March 13, 2017

Reading, Reading all over Lincoln. What's new with you?

I thought it might be fun to do the reading that I am doing for Life of a Book Addict in different places all over town and beyond. Sort of like the book sighting in New York that is facebooked and tweeted from the Subway every morning- like @hotdudesreading or @booksonthesubway, however this would be me and only me until I find other's who are doing it also while I am out and about.

Sorry, can't get my book into the shot with Webcam :(
Right now I am sitting in my back yard on the one bit of pavers that consists of seating area of our Fire-Pit. there is no other flat land that you could even say resembles a finished yard. Even this is semi-done in no flattering words. Matt still has to sandblast and water seal it. My brother-in-law Lou helped Matt but together the first layer of our garden wall. It is moving tortoise slow but I can see the potential and I am loving it!!!  Thanks guys!

I am reading The German Girl by Lucas Armando Correa It's a story about a girl named Anne who receives an envelop filled with information on her Great Aunt Hannah whom her deceased father was raised by. The book tells the story of Hannah's journey from Germany during WWII to an asylum meant to be the half way mark to a permament move to America.  I am only in chapter 3 of the story, but I am engrossed in it already. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I intrigued by history, especially WWII Nazi occupied Germany. It is part of my DNA, a large section of my family history, I couldn't ignore it if I wanted to which I don't!  What you don't learn from in the past can be recreated and accepted in the future. I can't allow that, so I learn from the experiences, I empathizes with those who have lived through it and I digest and apply the lessons I have learned into my core values and share those things with others.

What do you think?  Will I see you out and about reading throughout Lincoln too?  How about lunch time? I mean after all, it is GORGEOUS outside!!!  Take my challenge, read a book, snap a pic, add it to the comments of my post. What can it hurt? It could be fun!  Hope to see you out and about reading. Enjoy.

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