Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bullhead City, Arizona Day 1

Bullhead City, past home to my dear friend Leah whom I met in Ocala, but seemed like I had known her for decades. I was so excited to see her kids and give a hug to my once former Bishop Joe. We had a ton of fun with each other and they showed me around different historic sights close to Bullhead City.

Across the Colorado River from Bullhead City, Arizona sits it's border neighbor Laughlin, Nevada. These are a few photos that I took from the side of the road. I loved the old Colorado Belle Casino that was built in 1979. I love the theme of this casino, sitting on the side of river, why wouldn't you make it look like a steamboat?  I find the idea brilliant.

Below are a few other hotels located on the Laughlin side of the Colorado River

 To me Bullhead City has the feel of an old western without the nostalgia left over from the old buildings. It was originally called Hardyville named after William Harrison Hardy. The only nod to Hardyville is the old historic cemetery and a landmark on HWY 95. I happened to stop at Safeway to grab a drink and ran into the cemetery. I decided to check out the very rustic cemetery. It boggles my mind that the burial mounds are still as if they were buried yesterday and I stepped back into a John Ford movie. :)

sorry it's so blurry. :(

There was a woman who was 16 who died giving birth. A man who was killed by the Indians. Another man was a stagecoach driver and was accidentally shot by one of his passengers. He was supposed to shot a arrival shot for the ferry and the passenger did it instead and the stagecoach driver was shot in the back of the head. When I was standing at the cemetery I decided I wanted to find information on the people buried there. So I looked at "Find A Grave" and there was information about some of the remains. Seriously, doesn't it sound like an old western?


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